ProBono 14 connects attorneys wanting to volunteer for probono work in southern Indiana
It is our goal to help you have a
Pro Bono Experience

We understand the time and work pressures you face. We aspire to match you with cases that will fit your schedule and interests.
We are here to help you - just ask.

What can Southern Indiana Pro Bono Referral (SI-PBR) do for me?

  • Voluntary pro bono activity gives the program participants some control over their work and involvement. Attorneys maintain control of the types of cases they choose to represent and the scheduling of their pro bono activity. Active participation in SI-PBR reduces the likelihood of a state-mandated pro bono requirement for attorneys in the future.
  • Pro bono assists the courts in operating more efficiently and fairly.
  • Malpractice insurance coverage.
  • Recognition of efforts and achievements.
  • Pro bono work can bring hope of a better future and financial stability to poor and low-income Hoosiers.

How much time must I devote to pro bono activities?

While the State Bar recommends a goal of 50 hours a year of pro bono activity, even a few hours will have an extraordinary impact on underserved individuals. Just 10-15 hours annually (one hour or two per month) will make a difference in the lives of Hoosiers.

What is Pro Bono?

In order to qualify as pro bono, legal services must be performed without the expectation of full compensation. Any work performed with the knowledge and intent of no compensation qualifies as pro bono.

Self Directed Pro Bono Activities

Most attorneys provide some form of pro bono legal services to their community. In addition to facilitating the placement of eligible clients through its pro bono referral program, SI-PBR serves as a depository for information regarding the legal needs of SI-PBR's indigent and non-profit community. Please report to us any type of pro bono work you have been doing during the year.

Should you desire your good works to remain anonymous, we will honor your request but understand it is important that you report your hours so that the State of Indiana may quantify the gap in access to civil legal services here in our region. By assisting the impoverished, your efforts have much farther reaching benefits beyond your client that extend to our community as a whole.
Thank you.